Do you want to give your new family member something special in return for the unconditional love?

Ever had a problem getting your pet quality treats, food and accessories like leashes and collars? I had to go to Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai or Delhi to get what I was looking for. Or waited endlessly for your online order and then realized that what you got is not what you wanted? I have.

Like you, we’ve gone through the mill. We set up The Pet Story to make the best products available right here in Trivandrum. The widest choice under one roof.

founder’s vision

My Story

My first dog was Tinku, a white Pomeranian. That’s strictly not true because I had lots of street dogs whom I considered mine and the feeling was mutual. I used to bring stray pups home on my way back from school. I had half a dozen cats in my bedroom for company. I’ve always loved dogs and cats and have never been happier than when I’m surrounded by them.

Ruff, our magnificent Lab, was a bundle of energy and love and always hungry. He came home when he was 45 days old and our kids grew up with him. I am convinced that my kids are better human beings and animal lovers for life thanks to Ruff. He taught them what unconditional love is.

I’ve been involved with People For Animals for about 10 years now and I also run a home for rescued dogs. We have 25 wonderful characters who have been mistreated and abandoned and yet remain loyal, loving and cheerful.

I realized that good intentions are not enough to do good. You also need money. That’s why we started The Pet Story. I plan to use part of the profits from this store to fund animal welfare projects.