Goldie – Golden retriever

Goldie was abandoned at PMG Veterinary hospital by his owner. He waited till 7 pm from morning for the owner to come back and take him back to his home. He was diagnosed with a cardiac issue which required him to take medicines.

The Lion King

We went to look at some Lab pups thinking that we needed a dog at home and we should look around and take our time to get a good pup. We went to a house near the Law College and waited for the owner to show us his full litter of puppies.


My Story

Jancy lives at the shelter and is a lady. A retired police dog, she is a much-decorated member of the Dog Squad and the Bomb Sniffing Squad. Like a good lab, she is also hungry most of the time and we need to watch that she doesn’t overdo it.

Size Doesn’t Matter

My Story

Patchy was born to our 2 circus dogs Raja and Rani shortly after they were brought to the shelter after being rescued from a circus by PETA. A parvovirus survivor, his life hung in the balance for his first few months.